Who is Christ for you? TUESDAY


Acts 4:12 “Jesus is the only one who can save people. His name is the only power in the world that has been given to save anyone. We must be saved through Him!”

Who is the hero of your life? We have always sought for models to follow in our lives, people to imitate, we want to become like someone else, especially in our childhood, people who have inspired us by their talents and skills. As we grow, those models are changing, because we realize that in many cases, they are the product of fiction, of a story, of imitation, and their personal lives do not look like the idol that we had met. We’ve reached the point of knowing that we need a true role model, who inspires us, who motivates and add value to our life. Christ is our perfect example, His way of being is not to make us feel frustrated, but to make us know that we need to improve more and more each day.

He is not a fairy tale, He is not a cartoon, He is not religion, He is our Savior. He is the only hero that really exists, that has done something really important: HE DIED FOR YOU, He suffered in your place, even before His crucifixion, He was stripped naked, He was beaten until he was unrecognizable and He was insulted. He could have saved Himself but he just didn’t because He wanted save you, Jesus gave all of Himself for you, to have it all. As well as He didn’t quit looking at you in any instant from that cross because you were His reward, you don’t remove your gaze from Him.

To have a continual communion with Christ, will help you to remain in His light and no longer walk more in darkness because He illuminates your way, you’re not going to trip over the obstacles that will appear in your life, Christ is your Savior, there is no one else that has done what He did for you, because He loves you, there is no other way for salvation, there is no other name in which you can find salvation, Christ is the one who suffered for you, He was crucified, buried and rose again on the third day, because He is the only true God that soon will return to restore the Kingdom of His Father and put an end to so much suffering. When you know who Christ is, will you follow Him? Would you give your life for Him? Will you let Him rule in your heart? Will you prepare for His soon return? Wrap up the day with many family hugs and kisses, give thanks that we have life in Jesus Christ and don’t forget that we are your family! Listen to “In Christ Alone” by Passion ft. Kristian Stanfill.

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