Job 3:24-26 “When it is time to eat, all I can do is sigh with sadness, not with joy. My groans pour out like water. I was afraid that something terrible would happen, and what I feared the most has happened. I cannot calm down or relax. I am too upset to rest!”
Did Job usually went to sleep in calm? I think he didn’t, because surely he was thinking that they were going to steal him, that they were going to attack him, that maybe he will be sick, that something bad was going to happen to his children. And I’m not saying he had bad luck, I’m talking about the result he got for what he confessed, because the Bible says in Proverbs that the fear ties you to curses, that what the man fears that’s what he will get. Fear is doubt, and the one who doubt is calling God a liar.

Fear is a magnet that attracts everything that is bad. When you DWELL in the shelter of the Almighty, when you spend time praying to your Father God, you are trusting and no evil will touch you or your family. While your children are at home and they obey the rules of the home, nothing wrong will happen with them, but when they make the decision to do things their way, they run the risk of serious consequences for being without protection, or coverage. God is a good Father, who takes care of those children who want to stay in Him, ready to receive all the blessings because they dwell in His Presence. Today take the decision to move away from fear and worry, you must remain firm trusting in your Father God. You can live in freedom, many have built their own jail and are prisoners of fear, that’s really horrible, because they don’t enjoy life, they lose the best moments, they don’t enjoy the restful sleep of the night and then they wake up exhausted because of the insomnia caused by the fears.

Maybe you say: “I do not fear anything,” wait a minute, I want to check out your confessions, your health, your results and see if there is something that you are not bearing fruit and ask yourself what is the cause, because if we delight in God, He will grant the petitions of our heart, because it is the prize of live confidently in His Word. If you’re going through a test, the first thing you should do is to remove the fear, then confess the Word of God and give thanks for the victory that you get, the test will not last forever, it is temporary. End up this family altar with lots of family hugs and kisses, and remember that we are your family! Listen to “I’m yours” by Planetshakers

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